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Powder Coat

Powder Coat

Our Facility

  • Our 36,000 SQ. FT building located in Fitzgerald, GA is large enough to handle any job, any size.
  • A 132 load bar / Mono-rail conveyor carries parts to be coated through the wash system where they are cleaned and sealed for maximum corrosion resistance. After the parts pass through a dry off oven, they now enter the Wagner automated powder booth, and finally the curing oven.
  • No job is too big for us to handle!


  • It's all in the prep work!
  • Here at PPC we pride ourselves in providing the most durable coating in the industry, and for heavy mill scale on steel, sandblasting is key to a durable finish.
  • Our 20’ x 30’ blasting booth can handle large volume and large parts the same.
  • Typical blasting procedures call for 80-100 grit aluminum oxide, but we can blast a custom profile for individual customer needs.

Powder Booth

  • A State of the Art facility needs a World Class painting system, and the Wagner PXS E-Class powder system provides just that.
  • Combined with Wagner's proven track record for reliability and performance, our team can provide higher quality parts and faster turn around than the competition.

ISO Certification

  • PPC is proud to offer clients the ISO requirements our customers and partners demand.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 compliant



For your commercial powder coating needs, please give
us a call at 229-423-4044 or fill out the contact form below.

Sorry, at this time we are not set up to do individual jobs for the general public