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Superior Doors

Superior Doors

Superior Doors are manufactured in a modern facility utilizing the latest technologies available to produce a premium upscale door at a good value.

Our doors are engineered and crafted using high quality parts to ensure strong durability to withstand severe weather and hard-working daily commercial use.

  • SOLID CORE - Superior Doors have a solid core construction.
  • HINGES - We use a strong 5 leaf large pin hinge, better than the industry standard piano string hinge.
  • HOT MELT ROLLER COATER - Metal skins are applied to our doors using the highest quality adhesive on the market. A hot melt roller coater ensures the metal door skins will never come off. The hot melt roller coater evenly applies a measured amount of adhesive for consistent strength on every door produced.
  • COMPOSITE - Inner frame is built with waterproof composite material rather than the industry standard wood frames.
  • WATER RESISTANT - Superior doors are built using only water-resistant materials.
  • EXCELLENT WEATHER STRIPPING - We utilize high quality weather stripping to provide protection against drafts, moisture, dust, and insects.
  • STRONG WELDS/ROBOT - superior door frames are designed to provide durability. Our state-of-the-art production facility utilizes an OTC welding robot to ensure consistent strong high-quality welds on every frame we manufacture.



Superior doors offer a variety of different sizes to meet industry needs. Talk to us about your custom needs!

Elevate your doors with Superior Doors by Covered Wagon Trailers